Capacitar is:

  • A spirit of empowerment and solidarity
  • A network connecting people on 5 continents
  • An organization—Capacitar International—based in California
  • A team of international trainers: People in over 45 countries who live with the Capacitar spirit—using practices in their lives and multiplying them in their families, work and communities.

The Capacitar network includes hundreds of thousands of people in five world areas (North and South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe) who have learned Capacitar practices and incorporated them into their lives, work and communities. A small staff in California directs the 501c3 nonprofit organization, Capacitar Inter­national. Capacitar International has a training team that responds to invitations for trainings and represents the organization in the field. In many countries Capacitar local teams and groups of multipliers have developed their own organizations that sponsor ongoing gatherings, workshops and outreach.

Since its founding in 1988, Capacitar has accompanied grassroots people in places of war, violence, poverty and disaster. We have walked in solidarity with those working for justice, peace and reconciliation in their communities. Because of our two-fold commitment to heal ourselves and heal our world, we have gained the trust of people liv­ing in places of trauma and violence. The credibility of Capacitar with so many grassroots people is directly con­nected to this commitment of personal and societal healing and transformation.

Capacitar work embodies a fundamental respect for and sensitivity to cultures and traditions. Using popular education methods, Capacitar develops in its trainers and participants principles of multicultural understanding. In Capacitar workshops facilitators create an atmosphere of respect for cultural systems including: language, boundar­ies, gender issues, learning styles, mores and customs. When Capacitar receives invitations from grassroots groups or organizations to come to their country or region, trainers work closely with hosting groups to learn about their culture and socioeconomic experience so that workshops and methods meet the needs and reality of the people.

Most grassroots people are sensitive to energy and are grateful to learn ways to connect with the energy in their own hands. The practices Capacitar teaches come from ancient cultures as well as current research. Energy is the basis of most traditional healing systems. In modern times, many people have lost the fundamental connection with their own body wisdom and their capacity to use their energy for healing. In our trainings people are encour­aged to reconnect with this source and to ask their community elders what they traditionally did in their culture to heal their bodies and spirits.

Capacitar practices (i.e., Acupressure, Tai Chi, Pal Dan Gum, Fingerholds, etc.) do not originate with the “New Age Movement” but come from many ancient cultures. The practices have been well researched by Capacitar for their benefit to body, mind and spirit. Current medical research also shows the positive health benefits of many of these ancient practices, such as Meditation, Breathwork, and Tai Chi. Some newer modalities (Emotional Freedom Tapping, Thought Field Therapy and Polarity) have also been included in Capacitar programs because of their ef­fectiveness. We have field-tested all practices with hundreds of people from different cultures and socioeconomic groups. We evaluate program content, methods and outcomes.